Kellogg s Nutri-Grain Bars Variety Pack (1.3 oz. bar 36 ct.)

Description Nutri-Grain Bars are one of the best-selling cereal bars around. They have a soft golden baked crust of wheat and whole grain oats mixed with a variety of fillings made with real fruit. Nutri-Grain Bars are a tasty treat to take with you wherever you go. Specifications Variety pack includes: 12 Apple Cinnamon 12 Blueberry 12 Strawberry Component Country USA From the Manufacturer The Benefits of Breakfast A Nutritious Way to Begin the Day Starting the day with a balanced great-tasting breakfast can help put you on the fast track to good nutrition and better overall health. While many kids and adults forget this important first meal research has shown that sitting down for a nutritious breakfast along with leading an active lifestyle can help decrease the risk of obesity in people who tend to eat breakfast. Cereal’s Role in a Nutritious Breakfast Coming ready to eat out of the box without extra mess and cooking cereal is a cornerstone of the busy American family s diet. Most Kellogg s® fortified cereals offer a low-fat nutrient-dense cholesterol-free food that encourages breakfast consumption. Studies have found that most children who consume breakfast cereal with milk tend to have a higher intake of essential vitamins and minerals including iron calcium and B and D vitamins than those who skip breakfast. Beyond the nutrients in the cereal itself a serving of cereal is an excellent centerpiece for a balanced breakfast that includes fruit and milk. Children and adults alike enjoy the variety flavors and textures of cereal. Families benefit from the opportunity to sit down and eat as a family with a convenient easy-to-serve food.

Specification: Kellogg s Nutri-Grain Bars Variety Pack (1.3 oz. bar 36 ct.)

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