Pencil (1st Generation)

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Apple's revolutionary stylus for iPad® Pro™ and iPad® Pro™(9.7 inch) – the Apple Pencil (1st Generation) is ideal for adding handwritten notes to your digital documents or for sketching and drawing on your device.

ApplePencil incorporates several sensors on both its housing and the Pencil tip that can detect the position pressure angle and orientation of your strokes. Use it to sketch in the park paint a watercolor portrait or draft a blueprint. Apply gentle pressure for slimmer lines or more pressure to create a broader thicker stroke. There are also two sensors on the Pencil tip that work with Multi-Touch display to detect whenever you're tilting the Pencil to create a shading effect.

Opposite the stylus tip a magnetic cap conceals the Lightning connector which is used for charging Apple Pencil. Simply plug Apple Pencil into your iPad Pro to begin charging. A full charge gives the Pencil up to 12 hours of use time. Or charge the Pencil for 15 seconds to get 30 minutes of sketching time.

What's In the Box
One Pencil for iPad® Pro™/iPad® Pro™(9.7 inch).

Specification: Pencil (1st Generation)

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