Ventura Foods LouAna Canola Oil, 128 oz


If you enjoy the taste of fried foods but are looking for a lower-cholesterol option, then Lou Ana Pure Canola Oil can help. It’s available in a larger size, so you can use it for many different recipes and not run out. The kosher canola oil offers a healthier cooking option for you and your family. Created from all-natural ingredients, this additive can be used in hot or cold situations, depending on what you are preparing. It’s good for many food items, from fried chicken to salad dressing, and will give you the heart benefits you desire without sacrificing taste. The break-resistant bottle has a twist-off cap that makes it quick and easy to open, use and then close up. Complete with a built-in handle, it makes pouring simplified to prevent spills.

Specification: Ventura Foods LouAna Canola Oil, 128 oz

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